The Cultural Exchange Program is a seven-to-10 day visit to Aquinas University of Legazpi. Th e program provides opportunities to students of partner schools to experience the AQ community and discover Bikolano hospitality. Th e program includes maximum exposure to local language, culture and environment.

Main Objectives

  • To study, appreciate and compare Bikolano/Filipino practices with that of partner institutions in terms of religion, way of life, traits, food and dances.
  • To promote intercultural understanding of language, practices and beliefs.

Specific Objectives

After staying in Aquinas University of Legazpi, participating students are expected to:

  • Identify Bikolano traits and practices which are similar with and/or different from that of the partner institution or country;
  • Observe a regular day in Legazpi and Albay and witness how people get along with daily routines;
  • Experience Bikolano hospitality by spending a day with a host family;
  • Observe and learn how to prepare Filipino dishes;
  • Learn basic Filipino folk dance steps;
  • Experience actual community immersion by visiting adopted communities of the University and gain hands-on exposure to local cottage industries (e.g., pottery-making);
  • Witness and appreciate the beauty of the natural resources in Bikol; and
  • Showcase one’s cultural identity through a cultural show.

Programmed Activities

  • Welcome dinner
  • Cooking demo and lessons on the preparation of some Bikolano delicacies
  • Dancing lessons on selected Filipino folk dances
  • Community immersion
  • Hands-on experience with pottery-making and seaweed noodle making
  • Visit to ecotourism sites in Bikol
  • Farewell dinner and cultural show